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Exterior Painting Service Detroit MI

Colorful Houses

Getting the exteriors of your house painted is indeed the best way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Whether you want to completely change the look of your house exterior or just want to refresh the existing color scheme of your house, let handle your need. We want our clients to sit back and go into a relaxation mode while we deal with all their painting needs.

Customer Service being the motto of our company, our best team of house painters in Detroit will take note of the vision you have and make sure that your idea turns into reality. Our painters Detroit team will be in constant touch with you while dealing with your painting needs in each and every step such that we make sure you are involved in every decision of ours, and there aren’t any surprises.

Our exterior painting process starts with visiting your property and discussing the related stuff with you. Our team would be checking the outside of your home with you to be well sure that the scope of the project is well understood, and no such detail is missing our notice. This helps us to provide our client’s detailed quotes and all extra costs are disclosed before we start the project.

In order to make sure that the exterior painting project turns out to be better than expected, and the results last longer, taking a few preparations before starting the painting process is extremely important. Here down below is a short brief of the steps takes in order to prepare the exterior of your home before starting the painting process.

  • Pressure washing of the exterior and the surroundings.
  • Caulking the exteriors if needed.
  • Scrapping the old paints, again if needed.
  • Adding of base paint or primer to any bare areas of the wood.

Once we are done with our preparation of your home exterior for painting, next, we will be covering all exposed items in the affected area, such as plants, decks, old furniture, or patios. After we are sure that these steps are done, we will then start our primary painting process. 

exterior painting services detroit

Depending on the nature of the job, we will be using rollers, brushes, or air spraying techniques, or we might even use a combination of both. We do believe that each and every paint process is unique in its own ways, our professional crew will work hand in hand with you to make sure that the best way of applying paint is being followed throughout the entire process. In most cases, one or two fresh coats of paint are applied on the exterior surface. In case you are refreshing the same old color, one paint coat seems sufficient, and if you are updating your exterior with a new color scheme, two paint coats are sometimes used. Remember, in the end, each and every project of ours are unique, and the guidelines written over here are just for reference.