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Wallpaper Removal Services Detroit MI

wallpaper removal service detroit

A very common problem with using wallpapers is that it becomes easily outdated just after a few years of application. So, in order to add a unique touch to the feel and design of the room, more and more people are having their wallpapers removed and instead painting their walls in vibrant colors.

Compared to the removal process of wallpapers, a painted surface takes a lot lesser time and effort to repaint and can easily add charm to the house in no matter of time. In case, a wallpaper is removed in an improper way without the use of proper tools or equipment, it can cause serious damage to the walls or to the overall structure of the building. being the best painting contractors in Michigan can get your wallpaper removed with the help of our trained team and without causing any extensive damage to your walls. Customer service being our company motto, our experienced and trained professionals takes good care of every requirement by patching or sanding the damaged wall surface before any application of primer paint.

Some types of wallpapers having vinyl coating or fabric coating takes a lot more effort to remove. The glue being harder than normal wallpapers it requires a completely new method of removal and its better to leave for some experienced professionals.

What Are The Benefits Of Wallpaper Removal?

Getting rid of a wallpaper that you don’t like to look at or you don’t want them on your walls anymore is an obvious benefit of wallpaper removal. Other than that there are surely some other benefits. There are times when painters in Detroit just apply paint over the wallpaper without the knowledge of the owner. This results in the wallpaper getting peeled off or formation of bubbles, causing serious defects in the layers of paints.

Old houses having wallpapers installed in their home, can change them to make their walls match to the newest and trending styles.

Priming Preparation And Drywall Repair

The process of wallpaper removal is indeed a hectic and a difficult task. To get the best results proper steps must be followed and adequate care must be taken. 

wallpaper removal detroit

Our team having a decade long experience has earned the fame of the best professional painters in Detroit, can get your job done in a proper schedule and without causing any harm to the property.

While dealing with the process of wallpaper removal our team would spray a completely non-toxic spray throughout the walls in order to loosen the glue and safe removal of the wallpaper. The next process involves safe scrapping of the walls and thorough clean up of the floor and other surfaces. Our specialized team leaves no stones unturned in checking all the defects and successfully patching them before adding the basic primer coat.

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