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Drywall Repair Services, Detroit MI

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There is always some type or the other drywall damage to homes that are well lived in. People scrapping, hitting or even making holes in order to hang something in the walls are, does need some serious repair or patchwork before putting in a new fresh coat of paint. Some very common damage type that our Detroit painting team come across includes furniture scuffs, mold or moisture damage, small holes from nails, loose joints, cracks caused from home setting, damage due to removing tiles, rodent damage, children damage, drywall anchor holes and some everyday wear and tear. Our company does all types of sanding, patching, and priming of walls weather to make them ready for putting in new paint or just doing some regular patching works.

Being one of the best painting companies in Detroit, we try our best in setting up a strict schedule and price with the customer long before we start. We love to make our clients happy and completely satisfied with our finished projects for any drywall repair job before painting or just a simple drywall repair job.

Priming The Drywall Before Painting

We being the finest painting contractors in Michigan, love to take all necessary measures before applying paint to your walls. Our experienced team takes the necessary steps and conducts a thorough walk-around of the areas that are to be painted in order to check any type of drywall damage. In case, if a damage is found, our team will be patching them with mud or spackle, and sand it down once it is dry.

If a larger hole is caught into sight, we will be ensuring that the hole is filled up with drywall cut pieces before patching the surface with mud or spackle. All necessary steps will be followed thereafter to smoothen the surface.

Remember, if the drywall isn’t in good condition before the application of paint, it might cause some serious issues in the years ahead. A damaged piece of drywall can easily make the paint peel off way faster than in normal cases.

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Benefits Of Finishing Drywall

All the necessary steps such as patching, sanding or priming of walls are necessary before any sort of paint is applied to any wall area. In case if it isn’t followed, the paint might peel off way faster and might require a redone more often.

If in case the damaged wall is in really bad shape, it can be visible through the paint, making the paint job look just horrible. Non finished drywall job can even hide anything that is very dangerous in the long run and is important for the owner to take care of. Especially in case of water damage, it might result in mold formation or hidden damages caused by rodents or other insects can cause diseases or infections that might get into your food.

Our team of Detroit painters, guarantees that any damage of concern would be noted, repaired and informed to the owner in order to take proper care in the future.

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