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Cabinet Painting Services Detroit MI

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the most common things that people change or refreshes while updating the look of their house interior. While some might prefer o get a whole new set of cabinet doors to save time, but in actual it is cheaper if you have your existing cabinets refurbished and refreshed to fit the unique style.

The cabinets types play a crucial role in what can be done to revamp your kitchen. Remember a cheaper cabinet comprises of wood which means they cannot be stained into a new color, whereas you can even find some high-end cabinets that are made of pure wood can be colored or given unique texture.

The time consuming and challenging process of cabinet re-furbishing or repainting is a typical job that most painters in Detroit, tries to stay away. However, isn’t shy whenever there is any requirement for a high-skilled or a complicated task. Our team has years of experience in refinishing, wood restoration and cabinet painting techniques.

Our cabinet painting service is a financially manageable method for our clients to give a completely new look to their kitchen’s overall appearance for half of the cost of replacing the cabinet doors. Being the best painting contractors in Michigan, we even provide our customer’s customization service for new and unfinished kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet Painting Services

Our color options are plentiful; if painting your kitchen cabinets is your preference.

  • Color consultation and matching.
  • Hinge and other hardware upgrades.
  • Conversion of other hardwood cabinets including oak to a painted finish.
  • Painting your old kitchen cabinets into new colors. Cabinet Refinishing Services

Refinishing or refurbishing your kitchen cabinet is a wonderful way to highlight the grain, warmth and character of your wood. Choosing some light or deep colors can add vibrance to your cabinet.

Cabinet Refinishing Project

Here’s a list of our kitchen refinishing services-

  • Making use of clear coats for protection and sealing.
  • Stripping old wood products and re-staining, sealing and protecting them for a longer life span.
  • New kitchen cabinet refinishing and re-staining.
  • Hinge and other hardware upgrades.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

Well, our capable staff takes two different methods into account while working with your kitchen cabinets. Both these methods include the safe removal of the cabinet doors in order to take them to some off-site facility.

The two different approaches to get the cabinets painting service done is by either spraying paint on them or by getting the paint rolled onto them. Well, these two methods have their own set of perks. Spraying paint over the cabinets can give a clean and clear result, whereas the second method can be completed in a concise period of time. The process of paint being rolled is cheaper than the other method. If the cabinets are in need to be stained, the doors would be still removed and taken to some off-site facility before the staining process starts.

Our highly trained and professional painters Detroit team knows their job well and does everything that is required for the best outcome from the task. If you are staying somewhere in Metro Detroit and want the best house painters to help with your house painting needs, contact us today!